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King of Kite 2017 with Aaron Hadlow in Cyprus
06 Jul, 2017 | Reef

On 15-16 July 2017, for the 5th year in a row, Kahuna Surfhouse will hold the most popular and successful kiteboarding competition in Cyprus - King of Kite. This year with 5x PKRA World Champion Aaron Hadlow. The competition will take place at the Softades beach.
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How to survive in cold water
26 May, 2017 | Reef

Everyone who falls unexpectedly into cold water wants to follow the same instinct: to swim hard and to fight the cold water. But when people fight it, chances are that they lose. Cold water shock makes them gasp uncontrollably and breath in water. Then they drown.
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Contest on weird surfboards
19 May, 2017 | Reef

A mix of pro and amateur surfers were invited to compete in Nixon’s surf contest, The Weird, on the North Shore of Hawaii. Riders were matched through a blind draw pairing with one of seven weird boards. The boards were a variety of different shapes and sizes and included everything from twin fins to asymmetrical boards. Not as crazy as a Flatscreen TV but still pretty weird.
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Kitesurfing wipeouts in big waves
21 Apr, 2017 | Reef

Surfing wipeouts are inevitable and nine times out of ten they are hardly extraordinary, or even dangerous. Still there’s always the one time out of ten when things go south. And having a kite connected to you doesn’t probably stack the odds in your favor. Below are some points which may help to minimize the negative consequences of kitesurfing wipeouts.
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MTB dual slalom at Gubakha Ski Resort
17 Mar, 2017 | Filipina

As the winter season ends in the Urals and skiers and snowboarders are leaving the mountains, MTB riders are going to charge the slopes. On March 25th the Parallel Mountain Bike Slalom competition will be held at Gubakha Ski Resort (Perm region). The participants will compete in the mountain bike downhill dual slalom on a specially prepared track with various obstacles - snow, ice, soil and grass.

Anyone can take part. The main requirement for every rider is a helmet and winter tires. The fastest riders will win cash prizes and gifts from the competition's sponsors and organizers. The participation fees are 300 and 400 rubles for categories "amateurs" and "professionals", respectively.
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Mandria (Cyprus, Mandria)
Mandria (Cyprus, Mandria)
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System News

New modules go live
15 Mar, 2017 | Reef
The StrayBit engine has been updated to version 1.1. New modules for data collection, processing and presentation have been activated. As a practical example the new modules have been used at the WAVEFRONT.ru portal for its new Extreme Spots Database.


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