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Kitesurfing wipeouts in big waves
21 Apr, 2017 | Reef

Surfing wipeouts are inevitable and nine times out of ten they are hardly extraordinary, or even dangerous. Still there’s always the one time out of ten when things go south. And having a kite connected to you doesn’t probably stack the odds in your favor. Below are some points which may help to minimize the negative consequences of kitesurfing wipeouts.
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MTB dual slalom at Gubakha Ski Resort
17 Mar, 2017 | Filipina

As the winter season ends in the Urals and skiers and snowboarders are leaving the mountains, MTB riders are going to charge the slopes. On March 25th the Parallel Mountain Bike Slalom competition will be held at Gubakha Ski Resort (Perm region). The participants will compete in the mountain bike downhill dual slalom on a specially prepared track with various obstacles - snow, ice, soil and grass.

Anyone can take part. The main requirement for every rider is a helmet and winter tires. The fastest riders will win cash prizes and gifts from the competition's sponsors and organizers. The participation fees are 300 and 400 rubles for categories "amateurs" and "professionals", respectively.
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Extreme Spots Database goes live
10 Mar, 2017 | Reef

WAVEFRONT.ru launches the Extreme Spots Database. The database isn’t limited only to water sports and can be used for other extreme sports as well.

The database is available for everyone and doesn’t require registration for searching and viewing the information. Registered users have access to additional options - they can add and edit spots, comment at spots pages, control their profiles and use the portal’s forums.

Some kitesurfing/surfing spots in Cyprus have already been added to the database and can serve as an example. Any contribution to the portal's development - comments, pointing out errors or inaccuracies, suggestions for improvements - would be most welcome!
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Flatscreen TV as a surfboard
04 Nov, 2016 | Reef

Bobby Hasbrook took his 58 inch Flatscreen TV for surfing. He was surprised that it wasn't as hard as he thought. The hardest part was getting back to the beach with a 100lb (45kg) television full of water!
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GoPro launches HERO5 cameras and Karma drone
20 Sep, 2016 | Reef

GoPro announced a new line of HERO5 cameras and Karma drone. The $399.99 HERO5 Black is the company’s new flagship action camera and the $299.99 HERO5 Session shares the same small design of the original HERO Session camera, but has significant performance upgrades. Both cameras are compatible with the GoPro’s first quad-copter. The $799 Karma features a compact, fits-in-a-small-backpack design and includes an image-stabilization grip that can be handheld or mounted. The cameras and the drone will be available October 2nd.
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Dhekelia (Cyprus, Pyla)
Dog Beach (Cyprus, Meneou)
Santa Barbara (Cyprus, Pyrgos)
Kayseri (Turkey, Kayseri)
Spindleruv Mlyn (Czech Republic, Spindleruv Mlyn)
New Photos Added

Dhekelia (Cyprus, Pyla)
Dhekelia (Cyprus, Pyla)
St. Raphael (Cyprus, Pyrgos)
Gora Belaya (Russia, Nizhniy Tagil)
Gora Belaya (Russia, Nizhniy Tagil)
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System News

New modules go live
15 Mar, 2017 | Reef
The StrayBit engine has been updated to version 1.1. New modules for data collection, processing and presentation have been activated. As a practical example the new modules have been used at the WAVEFRONT.ru portal for its new Extreme Spots Database.


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