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Mick Fanning attacked by shark at J-Bay Open
19 Jul, 2015 | Reef

Australian surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark today during the final of the World Surfing League's J-Bay Open. The surfer fought the shark off with his fists. The beach went into shock. Due to the incident, which was broadcast on live TV, the contest had been called off for the day.
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Results of King of Kite 2015
18 Jul, 2015 | Reef

Unfortunately, this year the wind didn't cooperate and only the race part of the King of Kite 2015 was successfully completed. During the 3rd heat of Free Air competition the wind started to drop and at the 4th heat the competition had to be stopped due to the lack of wind. Hopefully the finals will still be held otherwise we'll have to wait till the next year to find out who's the true King of Kite.
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King of Kite 2015 is confirmed for 5th July
01 Jul, 2015 | Reef

King of Kite 2015, the third Cyprus Kitesurfing Championships for both Freestyle and Slalom races, will be hosted by Kahuna Surfhouse on the 5 July featuring guest international pro kiteboarder Ruben Lenten.
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Hello Summer Party
12 Jun, 2015 | Reef

This Sunday 14th June, Kahuna Surfhouse invites you to welcome the summer at their new location in Softades.

The good vibes start at 12 noon and finish when you decide to go home!

There'll be music, bar, food and activities - and hopefully the wind forecast will stay as it is so we can welcome the summer in with awesome kitesurfing sessions too!

Bring family, friends and anyone else that you know will enjoy a good beach party, surf and fun!
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Kitesurfer rescued by marine police
11 Jun, 2015 | Reef

According to various Cyprus news resources, Marine police said they were notified yesterday at 7.40pm that a kitesurfer had fallen into the sea and was carried away by the wind.
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