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What's the craziest thing you can kite?
29 Nov, 2014 | Reef

What can be used for kitesurfing? Is it possible to kite a piece of wood, a blow up toy or a beer fridge door? How about a snowboard or a trash lid? Wonder no more - the team from Switch Kiteboarding tested it all!
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Spectacular though painful way to capture attention
07 Nov, 2014 | Reef

CJ Hobgood landed a little air and making sure Filipe Toledo knows who’s boss almost face-planted into a rock. A painful but sure effective way to draw attention to yourself.
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Cabrinha recalls 2015 kite control systems
14 Sep, 2014 | Reef

The company has discovered a manufacturing defect in production of 2015 Cabrinha 1X and Overdrive 1X Control systems, and decided to issue a product recall.
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Cliff jumper almost killed himself and windsurfer
18 Jul, 2014 | Reef

Although the video is named "Cliff Jumper almost Killed by Windsurfer" the windsurfer riding the crystal clear waters somewhere in the Caribbean would be the last to expect some idiot falling out of the sky and almost killing him.
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Skiing down the waves
04 Jul, 2014 | Reef

Chuck Patterson proved that there's no need to wait for winter if you're already missing the skis. While everyone surfs waves, this man prefers skiing them. And not just any waves but Jaws!
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