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To bite, or not to bite, that is the question!
09 Mar, 2014 | Reef

Shark attacks account for an average of just five fatalities a year worldwide, but is it enough to ease your mind when you enter in the waters where sharks are common that a chance for a deadly encounter is very low? Founders of an Australian company called SAMS think their products can reduce the chance of shark attack even more.
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To burn fat, you could exercise... or shiver
24 Feb, 2014 | Reef

According to a new study, 15 minutes in the cold can be the metabolic equivalent of an hour of exercise. Both have an impact on our two main types of adipose tissue, aka fat.
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Surfer fights off shark in New Zealand
16 Feb, 2014 | Reef

Darren Mills, 28, said he was paddling in Porpoise Bay on Friday when he felt a thump from what he believed was a great white shark.
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Highlights of Storm Chase 2014 (Video)
13 Feb, 2014 | Reef

A group of 10 riders, nominated by windsurfing fans worldwide, caught a storm in Cornwall, UK. This winter has been one of the most extreme ever in the UK, and the storm was as hardcore as they hoped it'd be with the wind gusts up to 70 knots (130 km/h) and 10 meters waves.
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Bodyboarder loses life in Santa Cruz, Northern California
31 Jan, 2014 | Reef

James Zenk, 47, from Mountain View, was catching waves in 3-4 meters surf near the Santa Cruz Lighthouse. The area has strong currents and can be dangerous in rough waters, especially at horseshoe-shaped cliff known as "toilet bowl".
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