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Dragon Boat Challenge at Yermasoyia Dam
06 Mar, 2013 | Reef

The Cyprus Dragon Boat Association is organizing "Dragon Boat Challenge" at Yermasoyia Dam (Limassol).
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Full length video of Garrett McNamara giant wave Nazaré
24 Feb, 2013 | Reef

Just an hour ago Tobias Ilsanker has (finally!) published the full length video of Garrett McNamara's giant wave surfed on 28.01.2013! And it doesn't matter if the wave had really been 100ft or less it's goddamn impressive anyway.
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Surfing on Antarctican iceberg with penguins
18 Feb, 2013 | Reef

The winter is a good time for surfing - the waves are bigger and there are no swarms of tourists to get into the way. But Kepa Acero, a Spanish surfer and explorer, had brought it to the ultimate level.
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A chance for a new diving spot
13 Feb, 2013 | Reef

On 8 December 2011, the Albanian-owned cargo vessel, EDRO III, built in the late 1960s, left Limassol port, bound for Rhodes. It encountered technical problems with the engine during bad weather, and was forced onto rocks in the sea caves area, near Paphos. The ship has remained stranded there ever since.
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Russian Flyboard
08 Feb, 2013 | Reef

Russian version of Flyboard similar to the one promoted by Zapata Racing. The main idea is the same - the usage of jetski's propulsion, but the creators of Russian Flyboard claim that their version is more stable and more maneuverable. Also they say that they've found and fixed technical shortcomings of Zapata FlyBoard.
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